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Avidyne IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM - 10W, black (incl.

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The Avidyne IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM is the bigger version of the well known IFD440 featuring a... more
product description
The Avidyne IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM is the bigger version of the well known IFD440 featuring a 5.7" display for even better orientation. When using the IFD540 together with the IFD440, then in some flight phases you can use the IFD440 as a keybord for entries in the IFD540.

Avidyne's IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs combine the best Flight Management System (FMS) available, with a multi-channel digital VHF radio, in an easy-to-use, plug & play design. The Avidyne IFD540 represent the next generation in Aviation GPS systems. Each provides VHF communication and SBAS/ LPV precision navigation and are designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B as part of the NextGen airspace initiative. As plug-and-play replacements for legacy systems, the IFD540 share the same basic functionality in large and compact display formats respectively.

In addition to the dedicated knobs and buttons that many pilots prefer for frequent pilot actions, the IFD540's Hybrid Touch capability allows pilots to perform virtually all of those same functions via the touchscreen interface, as well as providing additional MultiTouch functionality like pinch-zoom, map panning, and graphical flight plan editing, allowing the pilot to decide to use the MultiTouch screen, or knobs and buttons depending on the pilot’s phase of flight.

The Avidyne IFD540 are direct plug & play replacements for the Garmin GNS530/GNS430 (with additional exchange of the antenna) and Garmin GNS 530W respectively, using the existing tray and connectors, and they are compatible with all the popular interface configurations, which can greatly minimize installation costs. Entering an IFR flight plan is easier than ever with the IFD540. Extensive testing and customer experience have proven that the IFD540 user interface reduces button pushes and knob twists required with previous navigators by 50-75% or more. Drop-down menus are logically placed to provide easy data entry of airways, exit waypoints, destinations, and approach procedures.

With the IFD540's graphical flight planning capability, you can easily edit your flight plan with the touch of the screen. The rubber banding feature allows you to stretch any leg in the flight plan to make a deviation for weather or to accommodate an amendment from ATC. GeoFill intelligently predicts the next leg or waypoint on your flight - not based on its order in the database, but on its proximity to your current location or the previous waypoint in your flight plan - eliminating the fumbling through irrelevant NAVAIDs common to other systems. Auto-filling the remaining characters in the entry - based upon distance from the current position and avoiding the cumbersome need to go through obviously bad choices (too far away) to get to the desired entry - dramatically reduces the number of pilot actions.

Avidyne's exclusive FMS Preview is a powerful flight planning feature that makes it even more intuitive to load flight plans by showing you a real-time graphical depiction of each proposed modification in cyan prior to selection. FMS Preview makes it easy to visualize before selecting a desired waypoint, airway, hold or hold geometry, Direct-To, approach, approach transition and any other terminal procedures. Managing your radios is easy with the Avidyne IFD540. Frequencies can easily be entered either by rotating the dual knobs on the left, or by using the touch-screen numeric keypad. COM frequencies can also be tuned directly by touching the displayed frequencies on Info, Nearest, and Frequency List pages. You can also simultaneously tune both the active and standby frequencies, both of which can be easily monitored when coupled with Avidyne’s AMX240 Audio Panel.

Technical specifications Avidyne IFD540:
  • Display - 5.7" diagonal with Touchscreen, 640 x 480 pixels, 65,535 colors, ultrabright sunlight readable with LED backlighting
  • Dimensions - Width 6.30" (16.0 cm), Height 4.60" (11.68 cm), Depth 11.0" (27.94 cm) behind panel incl. connectors
  • Weight (incl. tray and connectors) - 8.79 lb (3.99 kg)
  • VHF COM Power Output - 10 Watts nominal
  • Power requirements - 11-33 V DC, 4.4A/6.5A Xmit @14 V DC, 2.2A/4.0A Xmit @ 28 V DC
  • Environmental - DO 160E, up to 50,000 ft., -20° C to +55° C operating, +70° C (short term)
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