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Ireland - Rogers Data VFR Chart, 1:500,000, laminated, folded

  • 2024
  • 2024
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    This product will be released at 5 April 2024

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    • Rogers Data GmbH
    • 2024
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    Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts are made to fly across Europe with an identical chart look.... more
    product description
    Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts are made to fly across Europe with an identical chart look. The VFR charts from Rogers Data give you a very detailed description of the respective airspaces. Our highly sophisticated topographic terrain chart with shading and relief creates a dynamic 3D-effect. Also shown are ultralight landing sites, glider airfields, aerial sporting and recreational activities and areas with sensitive fauna, airfields, reporting points, restricted and danger areas, significant points, border crossing points.

    This chart is: Ireland, VFR Chart, 1:500,000, laminated, folded.

    Special features for this region:

    • VRP - Visual Reference Point
    • Windfarm area, Offshore area
    • Lightships, Marine Lights
    • ARA - Advisory Radio Area
    • AIAA - Area of Intense Air Activity
    • GVS - Gas Venting Site
    • HIRTA - High Intesity Radio Transmission Area
    • Laser Sites
    • AARA - Air to Air Refuelling Area
    • ATA - Aerial Tactics Area
    • Areas with sensitive fauna
    • Helicopter Routes

    All Rogers Data VFR charts are designed to the following criteria:

    • Aeronautical chart on a scale of 1:500,000
    • According to ICAO Annex 4, EU-Commission Regulations, AIP
    • Clear representation of the ATS airspace structure
    • Detailed highly sophisticated terrain map with shading and relief
    • Airports, aerodromes and heliports with additional information
    • Radio Navigation Aids with name, frequency and morse code
    • Compulsory reporting points, reporting points on request, significant points (border crossing)
    • Danger- and restricted areas
    • Obstacles or group of obstacles
    • Minimum Grid Area Altitude
    • Isogonic line model with magnetic variation

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