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Rogers Data Navigation Compass 500 - for 1:500,000 scaled charts Rogers Data Navigation Compass 500 - for...
Rogers Data Navigationszirkel 500 für Karten im Maßstab 1:500.000. Patentierter Rogers Data Navigationszirkel 500 Vereint Kursdreieck, Kurslineal, Zirkel und Kreisschablone in einem Gerät Lösen navigatorischer Weg- Zeitaufgaben bei...
€32.90 *
Navigation Protractor Triangle Rogers Data - with fixed grip Navigation Protractor Triangle Rogers Data -...
Mit diesem professionellen und hochwertigen Navigationsdreieck können Sie bequem Distanz in NM und Kurse auf VFR Karten messen. Maßskala 16 cm, mit 0-Punkt in der Mitte (8-0-8) und zusätzliche Maßskala in NM für den Maßstab 1:200.000 und...
€13.90 *
Triangular Track Line Protractor Triangular Track Line Protractor
Designed to give true or magnetic headings and reciprocals from meridians or magnetic north pointers when hypotenuse is aligned with the desired track. The protactor is under-printed with white border for greater definition of headings...
€9.90 *
Stephan Navimat 501 Stephan Navimat 501
Based on the basic tool, the Navimat 501 is additionally equipped with wind arrow and wind correction angle, and can also be used for speeds up to 240 km/h. The following calculations are possible: distance, flight time, ground speed,...
€29.50 *
Folding Plotter - Navigation Ruler Folding Plotter - Navigation Ruler
The Folding Plotter is a foldable navigation ruler for aviation charts with scales of 1:250,000, 1:500,000 as well as 1:1,000,000. The plotter enable the user to read distances in kilometers, statute miles, and nautical miles very fast,...
€12.90 *
E6-B Circular Flight Computer (ASA) E6-B Circular Flight Computer (ASA)
The ASA E6B Circular Flight Computer combines high-quality construction with easy-to-read lettering to deliver the most efficient, accurate, and convenient manual flight computer available. Perform multiple calculations ranging from...
€32.90 *
E6-B Flight Computer (ASA) - Aluminum E6-B Flight Computer (ASA) - Aluminum
The best slide-rule-style flight computer on the market, with solid aluminum construction and easy-to-read lettering. ASA's E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart, and on the other side the slide...
€39.90 *
E6-B Color Flight Computer (ASA) - Aluminum E6-B Color Flight Computer (ASA) - Aluminum
The best slide-rule-style flight computer on the market, now enhanced with color for even easier readability. On the circular side, black is used for the rate arrow and units to be calculated. Red is used for weight and volume, while...
€44.90 *
Jeppesen CSG Student Jeppesen CSG Student
Jeppesen navigation calculator to solve general exercises within flight planning. With wind diagram on the backside. Ideal for students! Made of strong cardboard, comes with instruction manual.
€17.90 *
Jeppesen CSG Alu Jeppesen CSG Alu
This large E6B type computer - Jeppesen Metal CSG - quickly calculates time, speed and distance problems, density altitude, true airspeed, wind correction angles and countless other solutions. A must have for FAA written tests and when...
€32.50 *
Pooleys Aviat 617 with  A-B scale Pooleys Aviat 617 with A-B scale
Pooleys Aviat 617 with mit A-B scale - for speed ranges of 60-350 (A) and 100-500 (B) in kn, km/h, mph - is a complex aviation calculator to solve nearly all exercises like wind triangle, conversions, fuel use, side- and longitudinal...
€169.00 *
Short Ruler - 9 Inch Short Ruler - 9 Inch
This short ruler comes with scales 1:250.000 (NM), and 1:500.000 (NM, KM, SM). Plastic made with a total length of 9.2 inches.
€7.90 *
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