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In September 1994, Sky Fox GmbH was founded in Berlin as a regional aviation supplies retailer with an affiliated retail business. In the first years, we focused on an assortment that was primarily tailored to private pilots of general/civil aviation. From the very beginning, we have relied on innovative technology products such as portable GPS navigators, aviation headsets, radios and comparable ranges. In addition, aviation maps, products for pilot training and general pilot requirements were part of our regular range from the very beginning.

Already in the year of its foundation, we became Garmin direct importers of portable navigation and built-in devices (avionics) for general/civil aviation and thus have the most long-standing brand relationship to this day. In the following years, we were gradually able to convince other popular brands such as Bose (aeronautical headphones), Shell (aeronautical lubricants), RAM Mounts (mounting systems) and many more of our sales strength and win them over to work together.

If our range included about 1,500 products in the start-up phase, today there are more than 10,000 items that are shipped by us worldwide. Despite some ups and downs, in 2005 we were rewarded for our always great loyalty to brand manufacturers, our team strength and the early orientation towards eCommerce. We received from Shell the distribution of aviation lubricants for the German-speaking region and continue to distribute this range very successfully to this day.


In the course of the further expansion, we expanded our aviation range piece by piece in the years that followed, focusing not only on the private pilots, but also expanded the product range towards professional aviation and established a special professional pilot program. Furthermore, we were able to attract many well-known flight schools and maintenance companies for closer cooperation, but also to significantly expand our private customer base.

The continuous growth required more and more space, which was not available at the founding site. In 2014, for example, we decided to abandon the premises in Berlin's city centre and moved into a newly built industrial area on the south-eastern edge of Berlin near the new capital airport BER on January 1, 2015. Today, we present our products in a modern shopping lounge that invites you to linger.

After we had been using RAM Mounts mounting systems from the American manufacturer National Products Inc. (NPI) since 1999, the already good composite was raised to the next higher level at the beginning of 2016. We were awarded the exclusive distribution of these products for the German-speaking region (D/A/CH) and founded RAM Mounts Germany GmbH in December 2015 as an independent sales company (B2C) for this product line.

Our customers appreciate the individually competent advice, the high availability of products as well as the fast processing of orders and enquiries. The long-standing regular customers among them enjoy special support as Sky Fox Friends and are regularly pampered with special promotions and invited to special events several times a year.

The rapid growth from the start-up would not have been possible without our always highly motivated employees. Therefore, a heartfelt thank you to the current team as well as to all others who have contributed to our very successful company history so far. A small tribe of more than 20 employees is present from the very beginning and lives up to the company philosophy of flat hyrarchies, high personal responsibility and short decision-making paths every day.

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to presenting a new exciting business area in the near future. If you also want to become part of this team-oriented working environment, we look forward to receiving your meaningful application at any time.


Sky Fox Chronology

  • 1994 - Foundation Sky Fox GmbH in Berlin-Wilmersdorf
  • 1994 - Opening Retail Shop
  • 1994 - Authorized Garmin Direct-Impoter
  • 1995 - Authorized David Clark Dealer
  • 1995 - Authorized Jeppesen Dealer
  • ???? - Authorisized Bose Dealer
  • 1999 - Authorisized RAM Mounts Dealer
  • ???? - Authorisized Lightspeed Dealer
  • 2005 - Shell Distributor Aviation Lubricants (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
  • 20?? - Authorisized Avydine Dealer
  • 20?? - Authorisized McMurdo (KANNAD) Dealer
  • 2015 - Move to new premises in Berlin-Bohnsdorf (Near Airport BER)
  • 2015 - RAM Mounts Exclusive Distributor (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
  • 2015 - Foundation RAM Mounts Germany GmbH
  • 2017 - Authorisized TRIG Dealer
  • 2020 - Foundation (GEHEIM) GmbH


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